Manicure $15

1. Classic Pedicure $22

2. Callus Treatment Pedicure $27

3. Signature Pedicure $32

4. Herbal Pedicure $37

5. VIP Pedicure $45

Pedicure /w Flower $25

Herbal Manicure $22

Vip Manicure $27

Gel Manicure $30

Gel Manicure French Tip $35

Gel Pedicure $35

Gel French Pedicure $38

VIP Pedicure w Gel $58

Herbal Spe Pedicure w Gel $50

Signature Pedicure w Gel $45

Callus Pedicure w Gel $40

Classic Pedicure w Gel $35



Manicure $10

Mani + Pedicure $25

Pedicure $15

Color Change $5

Nail Design $3

Gel Manicure $22

Gel Pedicure $26

Gel Color Change Feet $15

Gel Color Change Hand $12


New Full Set Gel Color $40

New White Tip Set w/ Clear Gel $35

Full Set Pink / White w/Gel $40

Full Set Color Powder $45

Ombre $45

Fill Ombre $40

Regular Set $30

Fill In Gel Color $40

Fill Double (Pink & White) w/Gel $37

Full Set IPD Gel $40

Full IPD Gel Color $35

Reg Fill $20

IPD Gel Fill $35

Fill Glitter Powder $40

Dipping $40

Dipping w/ Gel Add-On $40

New Dipping w/Tip $45


Eyebrows $10

Lip $7

Chin $7

Full Face $30

Chest $35

Back $40

Bikini $30

Under Arms $15

Half Arms $25

Full Arms $30

Eyebrows & Lip $17

Full Legs $45

Half Legs $30

Brazilian $50


Nail Design $5

Neck & Shoulder Massage 15 min $15

Gel Color Change Hand $20

Gel Color Change Feet $22

Gel w Service Hand $13

Gel w Service Feet $13

Paraffin Wax Hand $6

Paraffin Wax Feet $7

French Color Change HAND $8

French Color Change FEET $10

Nail Repair $3

Take-Off Deep Only $10

Nail Buffing $5

Nail Trimming FEET $8

Nail Trimming HAND $4

Color Change HAND $6

Color Change FEET $8

Take-Off Acrylic $10

Take-Off Acrylic w/ Service $5

Take Gel Only $7


Eyelash extension is for everyone who wants to look more natural with thicker and longer that need no Mascara or eyelash curler.
Natural eyelash extensions are good for everyday life, and special occasions. We offer a wide arrange of color, texture, and length.

Full Set Eyelash Extension $100

Refill Eyelash Extension $40 - $50


Utilizing hypoallergenic materials, Singular extension is attached lash by lash to allowing your own lashes to shed naturally.

Full set Natural (color are extra) $99

Full set Dramatic (color are extra) $130

Full set Silk Mink (color are extra) $120

Touch Ups or Refills $45 - $50

On average from 2 to 3 weeks Removal $20


Gift Certificates Available


Product by Dermalogica

Plan Facial $35

This is a quick refresh for in-between services or for young people that are beginning to clean about healthy, blemish-free skin. Amini facial to revive and nourish the face. Ideal for an instant glow before any special occasion 

(Service Time: 30 mins)

European Facial $45

A personalized facial treatment centered on relaxing the client anh replenishing the skin

Treatment includes steam therapy, light peel pore cleansing, brightening exfoliation extraction, light massage and masque 

(Service Time: 45 mins)

Deluxe European Facial $55

Treatment includes the European Facial above and scalp, shoulders.

(Service Time: 60 mins)

Acne Treatment $60

A holistic approach to treating the different types of acne and its varying stages. A series of 6 to 10 treatments are performed. In conjunction, a customized home care routine is also recommended to achieve the best results 

Minimizes comedones, oily shine, and redness.

(Service Time: 60 mins)